Sheena Campion tells us about joining Grant Thornton and what her first week on the jobs was like.

I started my career in Grant Thornton during the middle of the pandemic, even though this was a challenging time with uncertainty and remote working I was determined to meet new people and start making the most of my graduate experience. I found that coming into the office, even when it was quiet, was the best thing I could do to make friends and ask questions! Coming in most days helped me feel more familiar and at ease at work, especially when I started to recognise familiar faces. It allowed me to bounce questions off my team and learn more from peers around me.

Though I was worried that the training would be slightly overwhelming at first, we were introduced to the facilitators early on and they were all extremely approachable and made everyone feel comfortable right away. I was far from feeling bored and out of my depth, instead I found the learning engaging and fun.

There was also a great social scene from the get go, within my first few days of joining the Sports and Social committee organised a bowling night to help everyone get to know each other in a social context. I found this was a great way to meet my new intake without awkward introductions and icebreakers. I was also very impressed with all the facilities at the Grant Thornton Dublin office - the modern desks, outdoor balcony (views included!) and gym are all state of the art and make the commute even more worthwhile.

My first week absolutely flew by and I felt as though I had made lifelong friends and had a good understanding of my new job in no time.