People are critical for the successful operation of any business, however they can also be the biggest challenge.

Attracting and retaining key talent, managing employment costs and ensuring compliance with complex tax rules and employment law regulations presents one of the most serious challenges for many businesses. Workforces are also becoming increasingly mobile which brings with it the challenges of complying with very specific international tax and social security rules.

Our services

  • employment tax services;
  • global mobility services;
  • equity reward;
  • corporate pension scheme reviews; and
  • payroll services.
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Employment Tax Services

In an environment of increased Revenue audit activity, with the focus often on employment taxes, it is important for employers to ensure they are complying with their PAYE/PRSI obligations.

Global Mobility Services

Moving people around the world presents serious challenges for companies operating in a global environment. Regulations covering tax and social security vary across the world which means that all international mobile employees and their employers need to meet very specific and complex tax and social security rules. Find out more about our Global Mobility services.

Share Scheme Reward

Shares schemes can assist with attracting, motivating and retaining employees and are a great means of aligning their goals with the company’s objectives. Many share schemes qualify for favourable tax treatment which can provide tax savings for both employees and employers. Find out more about our Share Scheme Reward services.

Corporate Pensions

Corporate pension schemes should be fully compliant and aligned to company objectives. The ever changing pension landscape means that both employers and trustees of corporate pension schemes face many on-going challenges. We offer a free “fit for purpose” review which scrutinises and reports on all aspects of your corporate pension scheme. Find out more about our Corporate Pensions services.

Risk Benefits

Group risk benefits such as group life insurance, income protection and critical illness plans form part of the backbone of many staff benefit packages. They are a cost effective way for businesses to protect employees and should be reviewed every two to three years. Your scheme should:

  • have no discrepancies between the cover in place and what you believe is in place;
  • ensure employees are covered for their full benefits; and
  • have a competitive pricing structure in line with open market rates.

Payroll Services

Payroll in-house can be complicated and time consuming. There can be a lot of worry and uncertainty regarding security, confidentiality, and compliance issues. Our team becomes your dedicated payroll department whose primary objective is processing your payroll in the most cost effective and compliant manner. 

How Grant Thornton can help you?

Grant Thornton’s Employer Solutions team supports employers in dealing with these challenges to help reduce costs and manage risk. Our solutions range from employment tax health checks to the design and implementation of incentive plans to supporting your globally mobile workforce. Contact a member of our team for more information.