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Grant Thornton is a EuroprivacyTM/® Official Partner

The European Centre for Certification and Privacy has selected Grant Thornton as a EuroprivacyTM/® official partner qualified to help organisations obtain the first ever GDPR certification. We can assist your organisation in becoming an industry leader in privacy data protection by using our wealth of experience implementing data protection programmes for organisations of all sizes.

The Benefits of GDPR Certification

The Europrivacy certification is the first official GDPR certification authorised by the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), the certification signifies that organisations are very serious when it comes to privacy and data protection.

Organisations today can gain a tremendous competitive advantage by harnessing the power of personal data across their business. However, an increase in processing personal data can also increase their vulnerability. In the current privacy landscape, showing customers and business partners that your organisation can be trusted is critical for success.

Losing trust of customers, employees and partners in relation to data leads to lasting damage. In addition failure to comply with GDPR can result in severe fines, administrative sanctions and reputational damage. Non-conformity comes with serious legal and financial risks, which are typically hidden costs until the risk is realised, often accompanied with data protection authority fines of up to €20 million or 4% of the worldwide annual revenue from the previous year.

Having a GDPR certification not only reduces these legal and financial risks, potentially saving an organisation substantial costs but also empowers organisations to be able to do more with the data. Undergoing the certification process also helps companies identify and address risks before they become barriers to long-term success. Knowing that independent experts have vetted and ensured their compliance with GDPR can give companies much-needed peace of mind.

Additional GDPR Certification Benefits
  • European and GDPR by design funded by the European Commission
  • Continuously updated to align with regulations and jurisprudences
  • Extendable to complementary national- and domain-specific obligations
  • Applicable to emerging technologies
  • Highly reliable with systematic assessments
  • Time and cost efficient
  • ISO compliant: combinable with ISO 27001
  • Comprehensive: applicable to nearly all data processing activities
  • Independent: managed by an international board of experts
  • Online resources, tools and support
  • Global ecosystem of qualified partners and experts
  • Research and innovation empowered

Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Grant Thornton will guide and support your organisation on the journey to a Europrivacy certification of its data processing activities. We will:

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Select 2 priority data processing activities to be certified;

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Prepare the 2 selected data processing for certification by documenting their conformity;

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Support remediation in case of residual non-conformities;

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Bring the selected processing activities to certification by an independent certification body;  

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Elaborate a certification plan for the remaining priority data processing to be certified; and

  • Grant Thornton’s Seamless GDPR Certification Process

    Give you access to continuous updates on European and national requirements related to personal data protection in order to maintain and enhance your conformity.


Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton’s Data Protection practice enables organisations to succeed by helping them navigate Europe’s privacy and data protection landscape. We empower businesses, ensuring their practices remain up-to-date and compliant as regulations change.

As a multidisciplinary team, we have practitioners from a variety of backgrounds. Our GDPR certification specialists have deep expertise in risk and compliance and experience working with organisations of all sizes in Europe, the US and elsewhere.

With expertise in law, accountancy, audit and project management, we take a holistic approach to data protection. We use our array of skillsets and perspectives to find effective and customised solutions that work for you. We combine our extensive, diverse knowledge with the international expertise of Grant Thornton’s global network to deliver innovative privacy and data protection solutions for your organisation.  

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Privacy and Data Protection

Our Privacy and Data Protection services are constantly evolving to best suit our clients’ needs. Our diversified expertise allows us to uniquely meet specific requirements.

Our GDPR Expert
Director, Digital Risk – Head of Data Protection Practice
Shane Carrick
Shane Carrick
Director, Digital Risk – Head of Data Protection Practice
Shane Carrick