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Governor Software and Grant Thornton unite

Governor Software Limited and Grant Thornton came together today to launch a new strategic partnership that will transform how businesses manage risks and protect themselves in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. 

Making innovative use of visualisation technology these new tools enable clients to easily identify and monitor risks to the company in real-time. 

With all risk information accessible in a single, centralised, platform it is easier for managers to see threats and to track changes and updates as they happen. 

Working together means that Governance Software has been able to combine its industry leading track record of innovation in governance and oversight with Grant Thornton’s expertise, insight and unparalleled understanding of the regulatory environment.

Richard Pike, Founder and CEO, Governor Software, commented: “Financial institutions are under increasing pressure to prove they have quality governance and oversight in place. Grant Thornton’s understanding of this regulatory environment and market best practices coupled with Governor Software’s visualisation capabilities will ensure clients achieve genuine oversight and governance of their obligations.”

“We assist our clients in achieving their business objectives, by presenting them with clear and innovative solutions to their most complex problems,” added Frankie Cronin, Advisory Director, Grant Thornton. “Governor’s exciting oversight technology can help our clients with some of their most challenging risk and regulatory issues such as manually intensive, inefficient and ineffective reporting processes.”

Governor Software enables financial institutions to deconstruct regulations, frameworks and policies into clear visual maps that enable risk managers to identify problems, make changes and track updates in real-time as they happen.

All of this can be done within a single platform, empowering users to ensure proper oversight and clear accountability. Governor Software’s information architecture offers flexible reporting and provides real-time feedback in the form of dashboards and notifications tailored for management.

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