Peter Vale Partner - Head of International Tax Dublin, City Quay +353 1 6805 952


Peter joined Grant Thornton in 2007 and was admitted to the partnership in 2010.

He works predominantly with large corporate groups, both headquartered in Ireland and overseas. Aside from overseeing the key corporate tax compliance requirements of such groups, Peter also helps companies ensure that their operations are structured as tax efficiently as possible. This involves minimising unnecessary tax leakages and advising on how best to leverage off Ireland’s competitive corporate tax rate.

Much of his work is with companies owing valuable Intellectual Property, meaning that various tax based incentives may be available to them. In particular, Peter advises companies on cost based intangible asset relief, R&D tax credits and the still relatively new knowledge development box.

Peter also works on many M&A transactions, both on the due diligence front and ensuring that the deal structure is tax efficient, whether from the buyer or seller perspective.

He works closely with colleagues in the wider Grant Thornton international network and a considerable part of his role is in liaising with overseas colleagues to assist large groups manage their global tax requirements in as efficient a manner as possible.

Sector Experience

Peter’s clients include companies across a diverse range of sectors. However he has a particular focus on technology, financial services and the pharma sector. I also work closely with many overseas companies looking to establish operations in Ireland and also with Irish groups looking to expand overseas. In assisting these companies, assignments worked on include corporate restructurings, company migrations, IP structuring, pre-sale structuring, R&D tax credit claims and tax efficient structuring for financial services companies. Public private partnerships is another area of focus and he has advised many groups on the key tax elements of PPP transactions.

  • Member of Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI)
  • Associate of the Irish Taxation Institute (ITI)
  • Bachelor degree in International Commerce (B.Comm) from University College Dublin (UCD)