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Rapid application development: Lose the inertia - move forward at the speed of thought

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It is one thing to have a great idea for a digital solution or product, but quite another thing to make it a reality. Executing your vision is often the real challenge.

Organisations often have trouble aligning all stakeholders on the vision, engaging with IT and standing-up the range of disciplines and skills to create a compelling, scalable solution and then delivering at speed. Many organisations are simply not set up to build and release a new digital solution quickly. For one reason or another, it’s all a bit too difficult!

Is your business slow to close the gap between your aspirations and opportunities, and what you can quickly accomplish? Are you struggling to meet customer and business expectations in today’s technology driven world?

Customer expectations are driving our clients to strive to improve their customer experiences through the delivery of customer engagement applications, whether it be loyalty scheme applications, claims submission applications or self-service applications. Meanwhile they are under pressure to improve internal operational efficiency and manage the complexities around regulation. Too much valuable time is take up with the routine. Clients as a result are seeking enterprise applications to address the challenges that includes, but not limited to, task automation, process automation, regulatory compliance management, organisational efficiency and customer service applications.

Grant Thornton’s rapid application development & hosting platform

Advances in low-code application development platforms (e.g. OutSystems and Microsoft PowerApps), data visualisation and intelligent automation can radically change the speed and sustainability of your digital application capabilities by bringing a mix of the right tools and solutions to resolve your complex business challenges and meet demanding customer expectations.

Grant Thornton’s rapid application development & hosting service offering empowers businesses to speed digital innovation and transformation using a combination of data capture, data management, data analytics, data visualisation and/or intelligent automation services to develop next generation enterprise application solutions.

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