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Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Sara McAllister Sara McAllister

Business continuity has been considered a priority by many but also neglected by some. The COVID-19 pandemic presents a serious threat to people, businesses and economies across the world and it has taught us that having a robust Business Continuity Management program is key for survival during crisis.

Grant Thornton can help you to react, understand and mitigate known and potentially as yet unknown business continuity risks. Being prepared for a pandemic and its continued impact going forward, as well as potential other crisis related scenarios, is now absolutely business critical.

We can help clients to design and deploy a tailor-made Business Continuity Plan (BCP), IT disaster recovery & crisis management plans and enable them to leverage this crisis as an opportunity to build a resilient business today and for the future.

In the first instance we can deploy a client readiness assessment to determine your current state of Business Continuity Management (BCM) and understand how well your organisation has adopted to remote working solutions.

Assessing current state, to see how far your organisation has moved from established controls will be fundamental to remediating risk exposures and potential control gaps that have manifested, in line with new and more agile business structures.

Achieving a stable and secure business that can meet information security measures, business needs, regulatory, audit and compliance requirements in remote working and with potentially new or re-designed operational practices is essential for our clients. now more than ever.