Past Event: Thursday, February 17, 2022

Join us for our virtual fireside chat with Miranda Humphries, Director from Grant Thornton Ireland and Joe Ranzau, Transformation Strategist from Grant Thornton U.S.

During the session they will discuss 5 key misconceptions for Multinational Payroll.

  • Payroll is an island in an SSC
  • Technology is the answer to everything
  • Misperceptions around data integrity
  • Payroll and accounting are chalk and cheese
  • Optimising payroll can only be measured in return on investment

We do hope you can join us for what promises to be an insightful session.


Joe Ranzau
Transformation Strategist

Joe Ranzau is a Transformation Strategist from Grant Thornton U.S.

Miranda Humphries
Director - Global Payroll, FAAS
Miranda Humphries Follow on LinkedIn

Miranda leads the Global Payroll Services team in the Financial Accounting and Advisory Services Department at Grant Thornton Ireland.

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