Past Event: Wednesday, November 29, 2023

One year on from the launch of ChatGPT what has been learned and how do we drive business value from AI? Discover why AI is not just a buzzword and hype —it's a tangible opportunity waiting to be harnessed. Learn how to kickstart your AI journey and scale it effectively. But that's not all—responsibility, ethics, and compliance are at the heart of our discussions.  

We will have a Keynote Address from Minister Dara Calleary TD.
Then we will hear from Grant Thornton and Partners including Microsoft Ireland’s COO, Ronan Geraghty on ‘AI - How to start and how to scale’

Before lunch we will finish with breakout sessions with Solgari, & Expert Panel Discussions.

Keynote Speaker

Minister Dara Calleary
Minister of State for Trade Promotion, Digital and Company Regulation
Minister Dara Calleary

As a Minister of State in the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Minister Calleary is responsible for promoting responsible and sustainable trade, ensuring fair and better regulation for all businesses, and that markets work effectively for consumers and for the economy as a whole. He also has a specific focus in the continued digital transformation of enterprise.

Grant Thornton, City Quay

Grant Thornton, 13-18 City Quay, Dublin, D02 ED70