Ana Rusu discusses her time at Grant Thornton and what a day in the life of Audit looks like for her.

I was delighted to join the Audit and Assurance team at Grant Thornton as a trainee in the Autumn of 2021, after graduating as a mature student from Business and Management at TU Dublin. 

Since joining the firm, I have had an incredibly rewarding experience in a diverse team, where no day or client was the same. I have had the opportunity to work with clients from various industries: motor, pharma, logistics and healthcare, to name a few and I’ve gained invaluable experience and exposure during the last 12 months.

A day in the life of Audit for me starts with enjoying a morning coffee/tea at the Dockers in GTHQ while catching up with my colleagues and spreading positivity for the day ahead. Followed by responding to e-mails, prioritising tasks, preparing for client/team meetings and performing my audit work. During the day, if you ever need help there is always someone that you can turn to or call, starting with fellow trainees to managers, directors and partners. Everyone is happy to help and the culture is so positive. The open plan office makes for a much more inclusive and approachable.

What stands out for me in Grant Thornton is that I am trusted with tasks and encouraged by the seniors/managers that I have the professionalism, competence, knowledge and support available to deliver outstanding results.

I've been here for 1 year now and I love that in Grant Thornton, a career in Audit also means fun! The people here make the difference and the social events really encourage you to interact, enjoy various events and build relationships across the firm. I look forward to my years to come at Grant Thornton.