Corporations with a presence in or sales to more than one jurisdiction find themselves contending with a rapidly changing international tax environment at the same time as facing continually changing rules domestically.

From an international tax perspective, changes are being driven by a range of organisations such as the OECD, EU and the G7 while national administrations are also altering their systems. The landscape has changed greatly over the past three years and is likely to continue changing over the coming years.

We work with our clients to ensure they are compliant with all aspects of their corporation tax obligations whilst also seeking out opportunities to reduce tax exposure or structure operations more efficiently from a tax point of view.

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Compliance remains key, however. The penalties associated with non-compliance far exceed compliance costs. These include the risk of Revenue audits and the potential to derail M&A deals. If a company is being acquired the buyer will naturally scrutinise tax returns as part of the due diligence process. The absence of a robust compliance history could affect the price paid or indeed derail the deal completely.

Our clients benefit from this combination of local expertise and global reach which ensures they remain compliant at the same time as availing of all appropriate opportunities for tax savings as they become available.

Why Grant Thornton?

Our Corporation Tax team is made up of more than 40 highly experienced senior partners and directors who work directly with a wide range of domestic, international, and financial services clients. We place a strong emphasis on direct service to clients and we pride ourselves on the close personal relationships we build and the deep understanding of their businesses we develop. This enables us to apprise our clients of risks and opportunities as they arise.

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