The modern enterprise requires a flexible, agile ‘digital core’ to drive smooth operations, and to power better customer and employee experiences – and to facilitate fast changes to react quickly to changes in the environment, or to new information received. The right solution, implemented well;

  • is a foundation for orchestrating great customer experience:
    • it allows businesses to react quickly and consistently: providing up to date product information, helping the customer to explore options and confirm demand, across a range of channels and all seamlessly integrated to order fulfilment; and
    • it allows manufacturing leads to quickly scale production processes up or down based on demand or when they start to see customer feedback about product quality.
  • allows COOs to adapt production and supply chains to meet customer expectations:
    • manufacturing leads want to quickly design and build the right products efficiently, ship faster;
    • service delivery leads want to assemble the right team to deliver.
  • facilitates a cultural shift – from making decisions based on instinct to decisions based on data-driven insight (from within and outside the business);
  • allows CFOs to account for revenue correctly, to accommodate new, outcome-based, and as-a-service pricing models while providing real-time visibility to business leads, into key metrics for tracking business health and growth; and
  • makes people successful by making them more productive and helping them with automation, AI, and alerts. Modern interfaces such as virtual reality, chatbots can also help the employee work better — and be safer and happier.


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