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'Parent Packs' launched to support families with a child in hospital

Children in Hospital Ireland in partnership with Grant Thornton Ireland pilot new support to help families during hospital visits

Children in Hospital Ireland (CIH Ireland) in partnership with Grant Thornton Ireland have launched parent packs to ensure parents and family members are supported and looked after when dealing with a child in hospital. Items in the parent packs included toothbrushes, toothpaste, hairbrushes, washcloths and sanitary products.

With a team of 300 volunteers across 14 hospitals nationwide, CIH Ireland works to ease the experience of hospitalisation for children and their families as well as to improve the supports and services they receive, before, during and after hospitalisation. Following consultations with parents and medical professionals, CIH Ireland identified a lack of access to essential care products for families when staying with a child in hospital.  

Anna Gunning, CEO of Children in Hospital Ireland said:

 “Having a child in hospital is often a difficult and unexpected event for parents, resulting in them going hours if not days without the opportunity to go home or look after themselves. These parent packs will ease that experience, providing access to essential items, and providing them with the opportunity to look after themselves during their time in hospital.”

As part of Grant Thornton’s two-year partnership with CIH Ireland, Grant Thornton hosted a packing day across their offices in Dublin and Cork this week to assemble and distribute these parent packs. Colouring and play packs were also created for children in hospital.

“We are so grateful to Grant Thornton for providing us with the resources to pilot this support for families. It is our first opportunity to assemble and distribute the packs and enable us to assess the demand. On-going support will be crucial to ensure that we continue have the resources to create the packs and meet the needs of parents and family members during their visit to hospital.” Anna Gunning continued. 

Commenting on the launch of this support, Partner with responsibility for CSR at Grant Thornton Ireland, Dan Holland said:

“We were delighted to have over 200 people Grant Thornton and CIH Ireland volunteers working together to create these parent packs. Our goal for the day was to create 3,000 packs for families with a child in hospital and we are thrilled to share that we far exceeded our goal.

Grant Thornton’s partnership with CIH Ireland is an important one to our people, as we value the opportunity to support families in need in our community. We continuously strive to be a responsible business that creates a positive impact on society and our relationship with CIH Ireland is a big part of that.”

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