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Company health check

Jillian O'Sullivan Jillian O'Sullivan

A company's legal and statutory obligations can have serious consequences if neglected. Our health check can bring your company back to full fitness.

  • Where is the registered office of the company?
  • Are your website, emails and letterhead compliant?
  • Are you a properly appointed director?
  • What books and records do you have?
  • Who maintains your accounts, and where?
  • Have your books ever been audited?
  • When was your last meeting of directors?
  • When was your last AGM/EGM?
  • What is your annual return filing date (ARD)?
  • Are you filing on time and avoiding late filing penalties?
  • Is your company large enough to have added responsibilities?
  • Do you know your legal obligations as a director and are you meeting them?
  • Are you in financial trouble?