Higher Education: A changing Landscape

Changes as part of "The National Strategy for Higher Education to 2030" are now underway and will result in comprehensive reform of the sector from a governance, structures and funding perspective. Click here for more

Press release: Cybercrime costs Irish economy €630m per year

The costs of cybercrime to the Irish economy are estimated at over €600m per year. A report published by Grant Thornton’s Cybersecurity practice finds that there has been a marked increase in the number of data breaches in Ireland. Click here for more

Illicit Trade in Ireland 2014

Grant Thornton in conjunction with Retail Ireland have released a report on Illicit Trade in Ireland. The subject of Illicit Trade and the unregulated economy has come to the forefront of public debate. Click here for more

Press release: New EU/US trade agreement will boost US FDI into Ireland

Taoiseach says TTIP will boost growth and job creation. Click here for more

Women in business: from classroom to boardroom

Just one in seven delegates at the annual World Economic Forum gathering was a woman this year. Click here for more

Depositary-lite and the challenge of implementation

The depositary-lite regime requires one or more firms to be appointed to perform a number of trustee-like duties on the fund. Depositary-lite and the challenge of implementation