Major boost to Revenue’s coffers from internet purchases

EU suppliers of 'B2C' telecommunications, broadcasting and electronic services to customers in the EU are currently treated as supplied where the supplier is established, regardless of where the customer is located. This means that an Irish-established supplier accounts for Irish VAT on all B2C sales regardless of the location of the customer. Major boost to VAT returns from internet purchases

The importance of VAT compliance in motor retail

VAT legislation is constantly evolving which brings both risks and opportunities. In this article we outline some of the issues that businesses in the automotive industry should be aware of. The importance of VAT compliance

Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland: Sustaining the success

Our report examines the factors which have contributed to Ireland’s success in attracting FDI, and highlights the key measures that must be progressed to sustain high levels of inward investment. Foreign Direct Investment in Ireland: Sustaining the success

Press release: Ireland well positioned to take advantage of increased FDI inflows

Ireland continues to outperform its competitors in attracting Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and has the potential to attract further inward investment according to a report launched by Grant Thornton. Find out more

Not-for-profit report on social media

Charities looking to engage with a more technology literate audience need to harness the power of social media. Without an informed social media strategy – and the internal governance and operations to support it – funding may erode. Not-for-profit report on social media

A foreign affair – an ‘Ireland abroad’ experience

Irish food and hospitality businesses experienced a 63% increase in turnover since 2012 with the majority of those businesses (90%) citing the need for increased marketing of food in tourism to sustain this growth in their business. A foreign affair - an 'Ireland abroad' experience