The Companies Act 2014

The Companies Act 2014 will repeal all existing company law statutes and the majority of related statutory instruments. See our factsheet outlining the main areas of change under the new act and how it will affect you. The Companies Act 2014

Putting you in the picture - Ireland's 32% Film and TV payable tax credit

The mechanism for administering the Irish tax incentive for Film and TV production has recently changed to provide a leaner, higher benefit payable tax credit of 32% on Irish eligible expenditure. Putting you in the picture

VAT: cost or opportunity for the Hotel industry?

While the continuation of the 9% rate of VAT on hotel accommodation is welcome a prudent hotelier should regularly review his interaction with VAT to identify potential opportunities. VAT: cost or opportunity for the Hotel industry?

Business Risk Services capabilities

Companies across the industry spectrum are facing more and more regulatory and compliance obligations and the nature and range of internal audit activity is evolving at pace. Business Risk Services capabilities

Corporate Finance capabilities

Are you looking at a merger, making an acquisition, disposing of a business, or undertaking a future fund raising? Our team has extensive experience in all aspects of corporate finance. Corporate Finance capabilities