The movement of employees around the world is critical for the international expansion of businesses. The COVID-19 global pandemic has placed employee mobility in the spotlight for many businesses as a result of employees working in different locations. How we work has shifted to a more dynamic and fluid way of working.

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International talent mobility is now a key element of a successful global business and with it comes challenges and risks, as well as opportunities. Businesses that prepare carefully and leverage the right knowledge and advice can tackle the challenges they face to navigate a path towards successful talent mobility.

If you are struggling with the following questions we can help:

  • How will our growth strategy change and adapt to global challenges and requirements?
  • How is the business coping financially? Is our business model agile and flexible with achievable goals?
  • Can our workforce adapt to remote working?
  • What are some of the hidden risks of actions we are taking now in relation to Global Mobility?
  • How has the tax landscape changed for my business across the island of Ireland and around the world?
  • Am I compliant with new tax, audit and employment regulations?
  • How will I manage my payroll and pensions of my redeployed employees?


Our Services

Mobility Strategy

Our teams of mobility advisers work together with you to build and evolve a smart global mobility strategy, along with policies and processes that address the complex challenges of managing an international workforce. For example:

  • global mobility strategy;
  • policy and process review, design and implementation;
  • strategic workforce planning;
  • global pension review;
  • culture;
  • change management; and
  • performance management.


Employer & Employee Tax Support

Employer Tax Support

Our approach to mobility provides you with the forward-thinking solutions and compliance that provides successful management of your international assignments. Drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of mobility professionals, we work with you to deliver insightful solutions that deliver tax efficiencies, are globally compliant and avoid costly problems with employees working overseas. We offer a wide range of services to support companies, including:

  • strategic assignment planning;
  • managing and coordinating tax compliance obligations and filings;
  • managing double taxation;
  • tax equalisation and foreign tax credit calculations;
  • assistance with any revenue interventions;
  • corporate international tax considerations;
  • social security planning and compliance services;
  • shadow payroll tax calculations; and
  • short term business traveller support.

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Employee Tax Support

Regulations covering tax and social security vary across the world, which means that international mobile employees need to meet very specific and complex tax and social security rules. We offer a wide range of services to support employees, including:

  • departure and arrival meetings;
  • preparation of local tax returns and assistance with tax calculations;
  • expert personal advise on complex tax scenarios; and
  • residency determinations.

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Mobile Employee Technology

We provide a technology-enabled offering for global mobility via Payzaar and Equus Software LLC’s exclusive configuration of the AssignmentPro platform.


By providing a single payroll reporting platform that can support payroll data from a variety of different payroll processing software’s, we can offer a solution to the client that captures all their global payroll activity in one place. This means there is standard processes across the relevant client’s global network. The global payroll solutions team maintain the Payzaar platform for each of our clients, ensuring workflows are being set up, user access changes are actioned in a timely fashion, payroll elements are mapped to the correct reporting field and KPIs are tracked, among other responsibilities.


The software can help human-resources and global mobility executives better manage the regulatory, tax and compliance issues that come with a mobile workforce. The technology provides clients with real-time analytics covering the tax impacts of global workforces, especially as they relate to program spend and cost. It also provides the connectivity, oversight and analysis companies need to better manage their globally mobility workforce.

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Global Payroll Services

Ever changing local statutory rules and the presence of multiple local providers with varied processes is adding to the complexity payroll department faces daily. Our Global Payroll service model provides global consistency with well-coordinated delivery, responsive service and custom built technology to provide the benefits our clients told us they need.

Technology and automation play a significant part in the delivery of our service. We use global payroll platform to manage your payroll process and team actions, offer standardized and bespoke reporting in local and global currency including payroll journals configured to our clients’ needs.

We offer payroll process review and interim staffing for specific complex projects when the client does not have the necessary experience internally or is simply short staffed for the additional workload.

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Financial Forecasting

The ability to have accurate and timeliness financial forecasts can be a huge benefit in key decision making activities. Our financial forecasting team can provide an efficient and effective forecasting service to provide you with the tools required to make the best possible decisions for your company. Our team is flexible and dynamic and can work with you to deliver an appropriate model that suits your needs. They can build a tailored approach using their in depth knowledge of building models.

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Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton Ireland offer a different approach to managing global mobility. We have brought together specialists from our tax, global payroll, people and change and financial accounting teams across Ireland and Northern Ireland, while drawing on the knowledge and insights of our global network of over 143 offices of mobility professionals to provide you with a holistic approach to managing global mobility. This approach coupled with the capability of our technology tools in managing the global mobility process makes us the optimal choice for a partner in global mobility.