No computer network is 100% secure. Computer security is no longer just about how you stop the criminals gaining access to your network. You must also prepare for what will happen when they do gain access.

No incident response team in Ireland has broader experience than Grant Thornton Ireland’s. We respond with dozens of IT security incidents every month in Ireland and abroad. We have dealt with everything from simple virus infections, web-site defacements and email hacks to the very largest cyber frauds and international hacking incidents. We help our clients validate, assess, contain and remedy cyber incidents with the minimum of disruption, publicity and cost.

Grant Thornton Ireland coordinates Grant Thornton International’s worldwide incident response capability. We now provide expert and technical support to our IT incident first response teams in every continent.

We can also help assess your incident response preparedness, help you develop effective in-house incident response plans and engage, if necessary, to be your first or second line incident response team.

Why Grant Thornton

We can handle practically any IT incident to which Irish and international organisations are vulnerable. Our experience includes ransomware infections, data thefts (by insiders and outsiders), email frauds, denial of service attacks, website hacks, network breaches, phishing/fraud site takedowns, telecommunications systems hacks and control systems hacks.