Organisations are developing faster and adapting to more complex and cross-functional change due to societal, political and technological changes and advances.

Without effective change management, teams face resistance, low morale, a lack of engagement and/or understanding about why the change is happening and what it means. The best run organisations evolve constantly to meet the ever-changing needs of their customers, staff and key stakeholders. The level of change management put in place has a significant impact on the levels of adoption on new ways of working.

Understanding how your organisation responds to change takes planning, reflection and active listening. Our team helps you to anticipate stakeholder responses and to manage perceptions and expectations, optimising stakeholder engagement and buy-in.

Grant Thornton’s Change Management team has extensive experience in helping clients to adequately plan and prepare for change. We employ best-practice methodologies to devise pragmatic solutions, assessing the size and complexity of the change involved, ensuring key elements are measured and tracked, so that tangible, sustainable change is achieved.

Our services

Our team will help you to acquire the necessary skills and to develop unique strategies to embrace change. Our goal is to support individuals and teams through periods of change in order to increase overall engagement in the process, leading to higher adoption and usage rates and less resistance from those impacted by the change.

Organisations are developing faster and adapting to more complex and cross-functional change due to societal, political and technological changes. Our team will partner with you to establish a tactical strategy, support you to drive the change agenda in order to realise organisational goals, objectives and to add value to your organisation.

Embedding a culture of change within an organisation readies your teams for both current and future change. Our team will work with you to create a support structure for change, establishing a change community and developing team capabilities, transferring knowledge and assisting you to develop and sustain new behaviours and ways of working.

Managing change isn't a 'one size fits all'. Our services adapt to your specific needs, covering stakeholder management, engagement, communications, impact assessment, readiness, benefits realisation planning, execution, and tailored training.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s team of qualified change management practitioners have a wealth of experience assisting both private and public sector clients across a broad range of industries. Our dedicated team will deliver a process-driven, people-centric approach that aligns to your needs, addresses core challenges facing your organisation and assists in embedding best practice solutions. 

Our team believe that change must be brought about in a structured manner. We look to minimise risk and resistance using targeted and timely communications; establishing two-way communication flow; analysing impacts at an individual level; addressing knowledge and support gaps; and embedding change expertise across your organisation.