Organisations of all sizes, across all sectors are undergoing digital transformation to varying degrees. They are embracing digital technologies for improved business models, selling in new markets, with new products and moving into entirely new spaces.

These technologies, for all of their undoubted benefits, also carry risks and cybercriminals are anxious to exploit them. Cybercrime isn’t just reserved for large multinational organisations, every company operating across every sector is at risk. It’s no longer a question of if an organisation will be attacked, it’s when. Increasingly, the risk from Cybercrime in amplified by the regulatory focus whether from GDPR, the Central Bank of Ireland or the NIS directive.

The Grant Thornton Cyber Services team helps organisations defend against attacks, recover from them, minimise the damage caused and meet their regulatory obligations. Our team is one of the largest in the country and is made up of technical and subject matter experts who have deep practical experience of defending organisations against Cyber-attacks.


We help you understand your current exposure to cyber security risk and support you to develop an effective security capability. Our services include:

  • Cyber security risk and threat assessments e.g. ISO27001/2
  • Security policy development
  • Security process improvement
  • Technical assessments
  • Third-party cyber security assurance
  • Compromise assessment. Identifying ongoing or past Cyber intrusions in to your network
  • Simulating a phishing or general Cyber attack

We develop and implement the technical framework and broader processes required to protect you from Cyber attacks. We can help you with:

  • Security architecture and design
  • Security technology implementations (e.g. SIEM)
  • Security process design and implementation
  • Identity and access management
  • Data classification
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery
  • Penetration testing.

We can help you improve and better manage your cyber security capability. We will help you develop and implement a strategic plan to build a robust capability to defend your organisation while meeting the regulatory obligations. Our services include:

  • Security programme strategy and planning
  • Security transformation
  • Security governance
  • Security awareness
Cyber security improvement

This includes assisting with:

  • Implementing a strategic plan to transform your organisation’s ability to defend itself from Cyber-attacks.
  • Improving security related processes e.g. security operations or incident response.
  • Selecting and implementing security related technologies e.g. SIEM etc.
  • Raising awareness of Cyber risk in your organization.