Working closely with our colleagues to provide a multi-disciplinary investment advisory solution, where an assessment of client needs and context comes first, with product recommendation as an output.

We are a small dynamic financial advisory team operating within Grant Thornton as Grant Thornton Financial Counselling Limited (GTFC). Regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland and the Institute of Chartered Accountants, we offer independent financial advice for individuals and corporates. 

Tax efficient investment advice for corporates:

Employer pension schemes - innovative pension and risk scheme design and consultancy.

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Head of Investment, Life and Pensions

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Executive retirement planning - tax efficient wealth extraction and retirement options for senior executives, directors and owners of companies.

Business succession - your options regarding key person insurance, shareholder insurance, and partnership insurance.

Corporate investment portfolio - alternative investment options to avoid surcharges and achieve higher returns.

Pension scheme wind-ups - ensuring these are conducted in line with the legislation and in the best interest of shareholders.

Tax efficient investment advice for individuals:

Retirement planning - tax efficient strategies for self-employed, business owners, senior executives and employees.

Individual and family protection - ensuring you are covered in the event of premature death, serious illness, or loss of income.

Inheritance and gift tax planning - because it makes sense to maximise the amount your loved ones receive from the assets you have worked hard to build.

Termination payments - why you should regard these as tax and pension funding opportunities

Investment portfolio advice - tailored to your attitude to risk, investment goals, term and individual financial circumstances.


Why choose Grant Thornton?

  • enhanced regulation means extra piece of mind for your personal funds, as well as additional protection for company assets;
  • our advice comes from a comprehensive understanding of your personal and corporate investment position; and
  • a team of highly qualified experts who consistently delight clients with fresh thinking and innovative solutions to current investment issues.

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Grant Thornton Financial Counselling Limited is the Financial Planning arm of the Grant Thornton practice in Ireland and has offices in Dublin and in Limerick. Grant Thornton Financial Counselling Limited is regulated by The Central Bank of Ireland. Registered office: 13-18 City Quay, Dublin 2. Company registration no. 102489. Grant Thornton is authorised by Chartered Accountants Ireland (CAI) to conduct investment business under the Investment Intermediaries Act 1995.