Processes, people and technology are continuously evolving and developing increased expectations on businesses' finance functions.


While finance functions have made significant inroads to transform their organisational set-up, they take challenges to fully harness the opportunities from developments in the global economy and technological mainstream.

At Grant Thornton, our Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS) department have a dedicated team that help finance functions maximise efficiency.

Director Niall Martin

Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS)

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There are three core strands to our service offering:
Finance Review and Remediation

As multinational finance functions are continuously growing and developing there is a resultant increase in expectations of what the finance function can deliver on. In particular they are expected to:

  • process increasing amounts in data; 
  • improve efficiency; 
  • reduce time to produce outputs; 
  • maintain strong controls and compliance; and 
  • add insights to business decision making.

The result of these multiple competing demands and the requirement to assist with business development can be a lack of focus and attention been given to fundamental processes and reconciliations. Our team are specialists in undertaking complex accounting remediation projects enabling the organisation to regain control of their financials.

Transition & Integration Support

Multinational organisations are continuously undergoing periods of change and evolution including:

  • finance, function and restructure;
  • divestitures & carve-outs; and
  • systems implementation.

In order to meet the challenges of this ever changing environment we partner with multinational organisations, assisting them with critical accounting and finance related projects. Our team possesses a string foundation of accounting experience along with leadership and communtcation skills to take on and deliver a variety of assignments.

Interim Staffing Solutions

Our team specialises in providing tailored staffing solutions to multinational organisations for short and medium term business needs. They combine accounting expertise and industry experience to deliver on assignments. Staff work at the client’s direction in order to minimise risk, accelerate delivery time and reduce overall assignment cost.

We provide value, by working with our clients to identify the specific requirements of the assignment and matching this requirement to the skill and experience of our staff. We pride ourselves on providing access to highly efficient and agile consultants who seamlessly integrate themselves while ensuring delivering on client requirements.