Utilising new technologies can save your business money and help grow revenues, but implementing and maintaining them can end up costing more.

Our IT Business Consulting team will make sure your IT systems and suppliers are performing to the standard you need. We examine your IT strategy and link it with your overall business strategy, processes, structures, risks, suppliers and partners, governance and spending.

Our team look for opportunities to make things more efficient and grow revenues by better exploiting what you have or investing in new technologies. Grant Thornton’s IT Business Consulting service line focusses on two main areas – IT Multi-Source Integration (MSI) and IT consultancy. Our team replicates Grant Thornton’s overall approach to our customer’s business success – which is driving efficiency and growth - but through an IT lens.

Director Ian Cahill

IT Business Consulting

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IT Multi-source Service Integration (MSI)

As technology rapidly changes and IT becomes more important to all aspects of business, (e.g. cloud computing, digital business, social media, mobile, analytics, online collaboration) organisations find themselves with multiple IT suppliers. The majority have 10+ IT service providers and with the growth in Cloud services this is predicted to rise to 20+ in the coming years. This patchwork of unintegrated suppliers and standards can lead to negative outcomes for the business.

How can MSI help businesses?

Provide assurance that suppliers are:

  • aligned, collaborating and performing to your goals;
  • compliant and operating to agreed standards;
  • delivering quality services and outputs;
  • incentivised to co-operate together; and
  • contributing to quality outcomes.

IT consultancy

Years of underinvestment in IT has led to demand for IT solutions to help businesses become more efficient and grow. However, the pace of technological change in these years has been rapid (augmented reality, internet of things, cloud computing, social media, big data). Now that investment in IT is back on the agenda, CEOs/CIOs are either overwhelmed by the range of choices available or they jump in without properly considering the consequences. We can help companies understand the latest trends and select and deploy the best solutions to help them be more efficient and use IT to grow their business.

Our consultancy solutions

  • IT project, programme and service management;
  • cloud computing advice;
  • technology business case development;
  • business intelligence and data analytics advice;
  • integration strategy development;
  • social, collaboration and mobile advice; and
  • IT strategy development.

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