When companies fail, the options are to wind down the business, or to restructure and turn it around.

Grant Thornton is Ireland’s leading provider of insolvency and corporate recovery solutions.

Why choose Grant Thornton?

Our team of over 100 professionals comprises individuals with 'hands on' experience of successfully undertaking a large amount of projects across a range of industries. Our strength is our scale, local knowledge and experience of our staff to deliver the best solutions in the following areas for our clients:

  • Strategic Performance Reviewsidentify sources of performance improvement in your business providing exceptional value for money. Suitable for you if you are seeking to improve profitability and competitiveness and restore value; and
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  • examinership: an option that enables troubled companies to be placed under the protection of the court for a specific period of time, while the future prospects and viability are assessed.

We can provide advice and assistance for High Court or Circuit Court application for the appointment of an Examiner. We can prepare the independent accountant's report in support of a petition to the High Court for protection, and can act as Examiner on the nomination of the shareholders, directors or creditors.

Member’s Voluntary Liquidation 
An effective method of unlocking company assets, and structuring organisations in a tax efficient manner to dispose of dormant companies that no longer have a useful purpose. It brings finality to the corporate responsibilities of directors and avoids many of the problems associated with striking off or maintaining dormant companies.

We bring together a combination of business management, tax, accounting and company law skills to conduct efficient, orderly wind downs and distribution of assets. We have advised many businesses on group rationalisations, tax planning and restructuring in Ireland.

Creditors’ Voluntary Liquidation
Initiated by the directors where a company is insolvent. The liquidator’s appointment is confirmed at a subsequent meeting of the creditors. The creditors have the power to appoint an alternative liquidator if a majority in value supports such an action.

We can advise on all the necessary steps to place a company into a Creditors Voluntary Liquidation. We can also act as liquidators. We have a recognised track record in winding up companies through Creditors' Voluntary Liquidations.

Court Liquidations 
Involve the creditors petitioning the High Court to put the insolvent company into liquidation and force compulsory wind-up.

We have a proven track record in winding up companies through Court Liquidations on the petition of creditors and of pursuing errant directors both in Ireland and abroad. We have acted for the directors of the company, Revenue Commissioners and unsecured trade creditors on a number of cases.

Used by creditors to recover monies on loans which are in default and the Creditor has security which allows them to appoint a Receiver.

We have a successful track record acting as receivers and a reputation for achieving valuations on assets in excess of independent valuations.

Creditor’s Meetings
We offer a free service to attend creditor’s meetings, assist with making a valid reservation of title claims (if applicable), and liaising with the Liquidator. We will produce a written report, highlighting the prospective return, within seven days of the meeting.

Use this service to ensure your interests are represented by experienced insolvency professionals who may, in certain circumstances, be able to improve your chances of receiving a dividend.