Prudential Regulation continues to drive the strategic agenda for banks and investment firms. Understanding the parameters of regulatory change and meeting the ever expanding set of obligations is a business issue for firms. New rules and reporting requirements can come from global, regional and national policy setting bodies.

Our Prudential Risk team within Financial Services Advisory can support you with these challenges. Our experienced team will work closely with your compliance and risk teams to ensure that your supervisory engagement is of the requisite quality.

Why choose Grant Thornton?

Experienced staff, fast turnarounds and an ability to deliver clarity on prudential obligations. We deliver on a range of services:

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  • regulatory reporting - supporting your firm to ensure that reports submitted to regulators are complete and correct. We have a dedicated team of regulatory reporting experts with hands-on experience;
  • regulatory authorisations - we support clients with licence applications, amendments to existing licences and acquiring transaction notifications. Our team has experienced former regulators with a track record in this area;
  • on-site inspections - support to clients to prepare for regulator visits or support delivery follow up e.g. support delivery of Risk Mitigation Plans imposed by the Central Bank or ECB; and
  • upstream horizon scanning - identifying regulations currently’ in flight’ that when finalised may impact your regulatory obligations.

Our team of experienced subject matter experts with a formidable mix of industry, regulator and consulting experience can help you deal with any issues arising from your prudential regulatory obligations.

Talk to us about services offered to banking, investment firms and asset management clients and how we can support you.