Our clients, whether they be private enterprises, listed companies or public sector bodies acknowledge that Information Technology (IT) sits at the centre of their organisations, underling operations, acting as a change agent, enabling business strategy and enhancing efficiency, speed and usability of their infrastructure and applications.

The challenge of balancing the IT value proposition, alongside managing the IT risk universe, embracing cloud infrastructure solutions and meeting the needs of a significantly more diverse and mobile work force is a balancing act that continues to move at pace for our clients.

Our Corporate IT Risk Advisory and Assurance team support our clients in addressing their IT risk and IT internal control priorities. Our services cater for a wide range of IT security and risk concerns including: Business Continuity Management (BCM), Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) and Cloud Service Provider (CSP) considerations.

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Why Grant Thornton?

The Grant Thornton Corporate IT Risk Advisory and Assurance team provides clients with solutions that are agile, cost effective and contribute genuine operational value. Our team tailor solutions to the size, complexity and maturity of the client in question and offer support and sectoral insights. The team is made up of IT risk specialists with a background in professional services and a wide range of industry sectors who can relate to the day-to-day management of IT, operating model variations and the critical importance of gaining assurance on the IT internal control environment.