We provide audit and assurance services to some of the largest occupational pension schemes in Ireland including money purchase, final salary and hybrid schemes.

Pension audit services from Grant Thornton include:

  • audit of defined benefit and defined contribution occupational pension schemes using a specifically tailored methodology for Irish pension funds;
  • preparation of pension accounts;
  • preparation of trustee annual reports;
  • reporting accountants;
  • governance reviews;
  • systems reviews;
  • liaison with regulators; and
  • Internal audit.
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Audit and Assurance

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Why choose Grant Thornton?

We are a team of pension minded people

Instead of audit people doing pension audits, we have recruited a team of former pension trustees and administrators who understand the issues and craft innovative solutions to our client’s pension audits. Grant Thornton implements a solution to a problem that many of our competitors haven’t yet even considered.

Value and experience

Most trustees are seeking value, but want to work with the large well-established practices. We are the lowest priced of the top tier. And we guarantee that the price agreed at the start of your relationship with us will be maintained, unless there is a serious change of scope. 

Focus and reporting

As we are ex-pensions people, we have a vast knowledge of the issues which enables us to focus on the key areas of risk, the investment value and contribution where we do the majority of our work. Coupled with our powerful data analysis software, we can identify and analyse movements and flows, irrespective of volume, providing time-saving, real-time information to assist trustees and administrators in decision-making.

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