We strive to exceed the necessary financial reporting standards and provide real insight into the actual performance of our client’s businesses.

Our teams, led by approachable partners, provide assurance that the reported financial results are true and fair.

Why choose Grant Thornton?

We have a track record of operating at the highest levels for multi-location and listed companies. Our experienced team has developed an efficient approach that delivers high-quality audits and comprehensive future planning, with transparency throughout. We measure customer success on the minimisation of the “Audit Expectation Gap” – the variance between the client’s view and the auditor’s view.

Partner Stephen Murray

Audit and Assurance

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Our team combines reason and instinct to deliver a superior audit. It is this combination that truly differentiates Grant Thornton from our competitors.

  • value driven audit approach: insights and observation topics that can lead to new ways of thinking, performance improvement, or efficiencies, are guaranteed;
  • global methodology: single methodology and best-in-class assurance services are used across geographies to ensure consistency and cohesion.  We apply this global audit methodology using the Voyager suite, an integrated set of proprietary tools;
  • strong on customer service: we have developed a rigorous customer service approach that delivers results, including three account meetings per year, independent satisfaction review (annually), and fast turnarounds on queries and responses; and
  • audit quality: we are regulated by the Chartered Accountants Regulatory Board (CARB) in Ireland, the US Public Company Accounting Oversight Board (PCAOB) and Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB).  We operate at the highest standards of quality including:
    • Financial Reporting Council’s (FRC) IFAC Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants;
    • International Standard on Auditing 220: Quality Control for Audits of Historical Financial Information; and
    • ISQC1: International Standard on Quality Control for firms.

If you are considering a switch to a more globally focused, quality audit team that puts your needs as a client first, talk to us about transitioning your audit with minimum disruption to your team.

Our key team members are strong project managers with significant experience of transitions ranging from small stand-alone entities to large groups with challenging reporting deadlines. Our deep sectoral knowledge means you will have immediate access to advisers who can add value to your business right away. Grant Thornton will hit the ground running and allow you to stay focused on your core business objectives.