Stakeholders and those charged with governance are now more than ever placing huge reliance on a robust and risk focussed audit. Their organisations are contending with a dynamic, uncertain and complex world where the pace of change continues to accelerate.

In these circumstances, audit can no longer be a purely confirmatory process to verify the current state of affairs. It must add value by delivering key insights which can be used to take the business forward.

By combining cutting edge data analytics capabilities with an interactive platform to deliver a high quality audit we create a truly collaborative experience for our clients. Our technology creates a dashboard which clients can use to see all stages of the audit which eliminates multiple requests for information. Our data analytics tool allows our audit teams to deliver value added business insights and benchmarking in certain sectors to comparable businesses.

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Audit and Assurance

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In delivering an audit our advanced software puts the power of emerging technologies at our fingertips ensuring that our clients are receiving the latest industry benchmarks to show how they stack up against the best in class.

Why Grant Thornton?

Grant Thornton has brought new thinking and innovation to the process by combining cutting edge technologies with our team of more than 400 highly trained audit professionals. We leverage the unique human capabilities of our audit team with the power of technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced data analytics to deliver a best in class audit experience.

As a result, Grant Thornton is an audit service provider of choice to listed and multinational companies.