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Business Consulting

Enabling you to drive efficiency and growth

Elaine Daly Elaine Daly

Our Business Consulting Strategic Support team can help your organisation achieve its goals by providing a specialist service tailored to your specific needs. Our dedicated team can assist you with an independent, detailed and persuasively argued expert report or analysis of the key opportunities and challenges affecting your organisation. Our assistance will enable you to positively influence crucial decision making processes with both internal and external stakeholders that will enable your organisation to grow.

Market analysis

We can help you better understand the dynamics, opportunities and challenges of the environment that you operate in to help you develop and implement your strategic goals. In doing so, we provide you with a competitive advantage to ensure success.
Economic impact analysis

We enable you to assess the impact of your organisation, policy, program, project, activity and other economic events in the wider economy. We analyse the direct, indirect, induced and dynamic effects of your event to show the resulting change in economic activity from your decisions.

Cost Benefit Analysis (CBA)

Our team can assist you identifying and estimating the costs, benefits, strengths and weaknesses of investment proposals. Identifying and assessing alternative options and determining the best approach to achieve the benefits will ensure your investment decision is sound and enable your organisation to grow.

Advocacy reporting

Our team help you influence the decision making processes of your key internal and external stakeholders. By providing an independent, detailed and persuasively argued report we ensure you maximise the opportunity at hand and ensure a positive outcome for your organisation.

Feasibility study

At Grant Thornton we help you assess the practicality of new ideas, their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats they face and the resources required, this will give you the insight needed to determine their prospects for success.

White papers

Our assistance in producing white papers will help you reach your target audience and present your view of the world in the best possible light. We will provide you with a report that highlights the key message, facts and arguments to inform and persuade your stakeholders.