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Pensions and property

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Buying an investment property? Grant Thornton Pensioneer Trustees Limited specialise in providing in-depth, informed and practical pensions based solutions to intermediaries and their clients.

One of the key areas where a Small Self-Administered Pension (SSAP) differs from the traditional pension structure is its ability to accommodate the purchase of residential and/or commercial property both directly and indirectly. Our SSAP scheme offers you the opportunity to take control of one of your most valuable assets in a transparent and cost effective manner that has your retirement goals at its core. With your self-administered Approved Retirement Fund (ARF) our team continues to look after and manage these funds into retirement for you.

Direct property investment:

  • residential rental property for buy and hold;
  • commercial retail and industrial rental property for buy and hold; and
  • borrowing to finance purchase of direct property investment is available.

Indirect property investment:

  • property funds;
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITS); and
  • property Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

As the pensioneer trustee of your SSAP we will advise you on the legal and technical aspects of your pension, the level of funding allowable and keep you informed of any significant legislative changes affecting your pension. If you are interested in investing in property or other asset classes with your pension fund please speak to your financial advisor and we will work in tandem with them to provide you with the most suitable solution for your circumstances.