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Pensioneer Trustee Services

Pensioneer Trustee Services

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Grant Thornton Pensioneer Trustees Limited specialise in providing in-depth, informed and practical pension based solutions.

Pensions are a vehicle that many people initially set up through an insurance company in their workplace and often forget about why they contribute to a pension. As life demands, commitments and financial goals change as do expectations on retirement. We believe your pension should also change. Be wary of leaving your savings in a structure that is inflexible, costly and difficult to decipher where your investments actually are and what they are really worth. As we get close to retirement the performance, cost and flexibility of our pension often becomes more urgent to us but then it is too late to make meaningful changes.

Our pensioneer trustee service can offer business owners, directors and/or employees the opportunity to manage their own retirement choices without the investment restrictions, high charges and lack of transparency many pension providers apply to their pension policies.