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Not-for-profit report on social media

Our not-for-profit report on social media captures the views and experiences of charity chief executives and their peers from around the world.

These perspectives are combined with insights from our global Not for Profit team, to provide charity leaders with guidance on how to embrace social media and create an environment that enables their charities to thrive online. We also equip charity leaders with key questions to ask their operational teams, to ensure resources invested in social media deliver value. Our key findings were:

  • strategy: The board must help formulate a social media strategy from a position of knowledge;
  • governance: Charities should document their social media governance approach and share guidelines with everyone involved in their work;
  • education and training: Formal education programmes should be used at every level of the organisation, including volunteers when it is relevant;
  • risk: For many charities, non-engagement is a risk in itself, although each organisation has to weigh up the cost of social media against its benefits; and
  • impact: It is vital to measure impact, engagement and outcomes to justify investment in social media.