Market Abuse Regulation

To make financial markets safer and more transparent, Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) is designed to improve confidence in the integrity of the European markets, increase investor protection and encourage greater cross-border cooperation.

In recent years, the increasingly global nature of financial markets has given space to new trading platforms and technologies. As a result, there are new possibilities to manipulate these markets. Investors who trade on inside information and manipulate markets by spreading false or misleading information could avoid sanctions by taking
advantage of differences in law between the 28 EU member states.

The remit of Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) will significantly expand. The scope is extended to include all financial instruments admitted to trading on a Multilateral
Trading Facility (MTF) or an Organised Trading Facility (OTF). It will also apply to financial instruments where the price or value depends on or has an effect on the price or value of a financial instrument trading on a Regulated Market (RM), MTF or OTF.