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IT Advisory

IT Advisory: Creating, protecting and enhancing value

At Grant Thornton we understand your issues and challenges and can help you
to leverage IT to deliver business value. Our clients are operating in increasingly
complex, demanding environments with a constant requirement for senior
management to provide value to stakeholders. Our flexible, practical approach can
help you gain efficiency and growth from IT for your business. We are passionate
about helping you navigate your business challenges, whether relating to projects
or service delivery, audits or assessments, sourcing, governance or managing risks.

Business value is delivered through informed investment, optimising resources, high
quality execution and managing risk. Our IT consulting, business risk and cyber
teams offer an integrated service, incorporating value creation, risk management
and cyber security to maximise value in your business.

Our cyber security, IT and risk expertise, industry knowledge and proven
methodology will help you understand, prioritise and address challenges in your
business. We have provided advice and performed assessments and reviews
for multinational clients, indigenous firms, financial institutions and government
organisations. We bring this cross-sector and cross-functional knowledge to
address your concerns.

Our independence, integrity, agility and depth of experience allows us to work
with your IT and business teams to create, protect and enhance value in your