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Grant Thornton corporate governance report 2016

Stakeholders with a keen interest in driving their companies forward – boards and shareholders alike – need to be focused not just on the immediate threats and opportunities they believe they face.

They also need to scan the horizon for challenges and opportunities not yet in view. Companies face strategic and operational challenges, increasing complexity and ongoing disruption in their market place. Managing and exploiting these challenges requires companies and their management teams to adapt to the changing world to remain relevant. History tells us that the successful companies of today are not guaranteed to be the successful companies of tomorrow.

Over half of the top hundred biggest companies in the world in 1912 had disappeared by the late 1990s. More recently there were 23 new entrants replacing companies in the UK’s FTSE 350 between June 2014 and June 2015. How do today’s organisations ensure they survive, adapt and ultimately thrive? A fundamental ingredient is good corporate governance.