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Financial Accounting and Advisory Services

Transition management Effective Financial Reporting (EFR)

As businesses’ finance functions strive to exploit the opportunities that emerge from developments in the global economy, social changes and technological innovation, they face new challenges to realise the full benefit from these opportunities.
At Grant Thornton, our Effective Financial Reporting (EFR) service line within the Financial Accounting and Advisory Services (FAAS) department have a suite of services tailored to help clients succeed in transition management.

The EFR service line in our FAAS department has a team of professionals who have both experience in advising clients as well as first-hand experience of the challenges and solutions, working for companies during transformation projects.

Our transition management service offering and methodology is tailored to our clients’ needs, and may involve supporting a discrete phase or task of a transformation project, or working with companies on every step of the journey.

A detailed tailored methodology considers distinct project phases and their purpose, activities, deliverables and milestones.

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