Business Risk Services

Risk management in pharmaceutical and life sciences

The purpose of risk management in any industry has traditionally been to protect and preserve a business. It can however, also be used to manage public perception and leverage growth and competitiveness.

This sector comprises sub-sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology and sub-supply products and services. It is by its very nature a highly regulated and onerous environment with multiple regulatory, audit and documentary compliance demands placed upon it. However, a successful risk management programme needs to be all-encompassing and not focused solely on prescriptive regulatory requirements.

In order to prevent such a narrow risk focus, a comprehensive and perpetual risk assessment is a critical starting point in achieving an effective risk management programme and enhancing strategic success.

Notwithstanding fundamental risk assessment priorities many businesses in this industry may also be required to comply with Sarbannes Oxley (SOX) requirements. In that respect we provide a full suite of SOX services to the pharmaceutical and life sciences sector including SOX pre IPO readiness assessments, ongoing SOX t