ONESOURCE Workflow Manager

Sinead Donovan Sinead Donovan

ONESOURCE Workflow Manager (“OWM”) is a project management tool used to assist with the management of global compliance engagements. The software has been designed by Thomson Reuters and has been specifically tailored to the requirements of Grant Thornton clients by collaboration between Thomson Reuters and Grant Thornton.

Client benefits of using the system:

  • improves client control of the project through on-demand status dashboard;
  • ensures timely completion of projects through a tracking and reporting facility;
  • provides a clear designation of tasks between client and Grant Thornton;
  • comprehensive solution with advanced, flexible technology;
  • single repository function with an extensive archive facility;
  • standardised approach across a number of jurisdictions;
  • environmentally friendly /paperless approach; and
  • secure function which can be segregated by role/jurisdiction.
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