High winds supply almost 50% of electricity demand!

Peter McArdle Peter McArdle

Last Wednesday in the Republic of Ireland, around teatime electricity generated by wind hit some 2,035MWs or enough to meet 46% of electricity demand of the Republic. Electricity generated by wind in the Republic of Ireland hit a new peak last week with favourable weather conditions helping wind farms to supply almost 50% of electricity demand. It is the first time that the Republic of Ireland has broken the 2,000 MW barrier. For the entire island, output hit some 2,500MWs enough to meet 50% of electricity demand. Again a new record!

What helped make this happen?

Well it is all down to Storm Barney who brought high winds throughout the Island. Although the high wind made for bad weather and caused some trees to fall,  it is further evidence that Ireland is powering ahead in using on-shore wind farms as its favoured renewable source of electricity.