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Helping you to address revenue leakage

Brendan P. Foster Brendan P. Foster

Estimates of revenue leakage vary widely by regions, due to differences in scope, complexity of services, the maturity of the local environment, technologies and other specific market and regulatory factors. However, it is widely accepted that losses from leakage can impact an organisation by up to 5% of turnover and reduce EBITDA by up to 25%.

Many of our existing clients have great visibility of their current loss levels and understand the key processes that need improvement. At Grant Thornton we understand that others are less mature in relation to having a defined strategy to mitigate the risk of revenue leakage. 

Either way, managing revenue leakage is undeniably a complex business challenge involving numerous internal stakeholders and various operational disciplines and functional experts.

Grant Thornton helps dynamic and growing businesses across many sectors and industries achieve their objectives by identifying and implementing appropriate revenue assurance strategies, embedding effective controls, policies and specialist capabilities to provide assurance and tangible business value. We are experienced in conducting detailed reviews of client’s value chains, using cutting edge analytic technology.

We have the insight and experience to help clients develop the right strategy for them considering the need for assurance, financial benefits, enhanced controls and compliance. Beyond this our extensive operational capability means we can provide honest best practice based feedback on a client’s maturity, highlight the true underlying causes of revenue leakage and provide guidance on what action is really needed to mitigate and prevent leakage moving forward.