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Construction – risk and assurance services

Brendan P. Foster Brendan P. Foster

The construction sector continues to play a critical role in the economy, both in Ireland and globally. As a major employer, primary contributor to infrastructural development and industry innovator, it is clear that managing risk, resilience and opportunities are fundamental to the success of construction businesses.

As demand in the marketplace continues to grow, it is important that construction players and their management can clearly assess, monitor and manage their risk landscape within their risk appetite. At the same time, they must ensure that they can optimise and capitalise on well considered business opportunities for their commercial benefit.

Balancing complex project management demands, wide reaching procurement and supply chain processes, scaled third party networks, digital transformation, and client service dynamics in a ‘just-in-time’ environment is challenging. Like many industries, technological advancement continues at pace in the construction sector, bringing opportunities and risks that need to be managed. Intellectual Property (IP) and a mobile skilled workforce have to be utilised and protected along with technology and data.

At Grant Thornton, our dedicated team can assist with the design of your risk
management framework, advise on your risk oversight activities (in house and outsourced) and support with monitoring of your internal control environment. We have extensive experience of providing agile value added risk and assurance solutions to the construction sector.

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