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Business Consulting: Energy and utilities

Elaine Daly Elaine Daly

Our Business Consulting team has a wealth of consulting experience in the energy and utilities sector both nationally and internationally. We provide bespoke consultancy services to some of Ireland’s largest energy and utility organisations, supporting them in delivering efficient operations and achieving their strategic objectives. The breadth of our client base has allowed us to gain valuable insight into the complexity and the variety of issues facing the sector.

The Irish energy sector is now on the cusp of the most significant transformation since rural electrification, both in terms of tangible infrastructure and new policies. Integrated Single Electricity Market (I-SEM), the North-South Interconnector and the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) are examples of projects which will drive change in the Irish energy market.

The challenge for the energy industry is to consider these changes while addressing evolving customer requirements and adverse public perception. Against a backdrop of change, companies in the sector need to be lean and adaptable in order to thrive and survive.