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Business Consulting: Agri-Food

Elaine Daly Elaine Daly

Grant Thornton has a wealth of national and international consulting experience in the agri-food sector. We have developed an expert knowledge of the sector based on years of industry experience. We provide bespoke consultancy services to companies of all sizes across the entire food supply chain. This approach allows us to understand the intricate interdependencies that exist within the industry.

The world population is growing at an unprecedented rate. By 2050 there will be in excess of nine billion people on the planet. Feeding this growing population is a concern for many countries.

Ireland’s unique agricultural attributes enables us to produce enough food to feed multiple times our population every year. The industry has set ambitious targets to increase the value of food exports by 70%, by 2025. Exports of Irish food will almost double in the next eight years making the Irish agri-food sector one of the fastest growing in the world.