Beginner Training Plan (Run your first 5k)

Duration: 6 Weeks

Start on Monday 25th July for GT5K Cork

Start on Monday 1st August for GT5K Galway

Start on Monday 22nd August for GT5K Docklands

A summary of each week of the training plan will be posted on the GT5K Facebook Page as a reminder.

Beginner (Run your first 5k):

This schedule is aimed at the beginner who has been running for a little while and now wants to experience a fun run or race over 5km.

Before you start you need to get along to your GP for a health check and to ask if you are okay to go into the programme which has you running 5 days per week. Once you are on the programme you must listen to your body and have another check-up if anything is hurting or if you feel unwell. Having said that, it would be quite unusual not to feel at least some aching in the muscles at the start of the programme, but you need to know whether this is temporary, tired muscles or the start of an injury. You should do supplementary work to keep yourself injury free. This includes stretching, massage and strengthening exercises. Look for tips on the Athletics Ireland website.

Some advice before getting started:

You should also endeavor to do much of your training off road - on grass, gravel or dirt as these surfaces are far more forgiving than tarmac and so you will have less shock going through your joints.

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