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Digitisation of the business

The telecommunications landscape is changing at an unprecedented rate. Competition from technology companies is creating fierce challenges over the ownership of customers and service innovation and pricing pressures and network capacity are intensifying scrutiny on return on investment.

Stemming from this, the traditional communications company now has a rapidly transforming business model, along with a broad and innovative product offering.

The explosion of data has also presented significant technological challenges to both service providers and equipment manufacturers as customers want access to communication platforms and data instantaneously, at home, at work and on the go.

Securing long term survival in this dynamic sector will lie in remaining close to the ever-changing expectations of the customer base.

Why Grant Thornton?

The Telecommunications team at Grant Thornton is part of the wider Technology group and are well placed to support you in the many challenges that you face through this period of change. Our industry experience enables us to support you in building a sustainable and successful business for the future.

Our solutions

  • programme and project management;
  • financial modelling;
  • lean transformation;
  • customer journey mapping;
  • strategic planning;
  • IT risk and control services;
  • operating model reviews;
  • audit and assurance services;
  • tax advisory services; and
  • accounting advisory: