At Grant Thornton we understand that our clients in the Public Sector are put under increasing amounts of pressure to deliver on key objectives. This pressure has been exacerbated by an unpredictable and turbulent economic climate. We work with our clients to implement practical, workable and innovative solutions to alleviate this pressure.

Organisations operating in the Public Sector are required to perform while being placed under excessive amounts of pressure due to a turbulent economic climate. The pertinent challenges that are being faced every day across a range of areas in society, including across local government, state agencies and semi-state bodies and government departments makes it increasingly difficult for organisations to deliver on key objectives. 

Grant Thornton are actively involved in helping governments and organisations in achieving policy objectives that improve Ireland’s present and future society. Our team have extensive experience working with an array of clients across the Public Sector, we have ample exposure to the pressures facing governmental bodies and public organisations. Hence, your organisation can rely on our highly experienced, local and committed teams to deliver a cost effective and efficient engagement.

Our dedicated Public Sector team delivers solutions to all business challenges. Our team is accustomed to working with clients collaboratively to ensure that key project deliverables are identified and tracked succinctly, from the beginning to the end of the engagement process. At Grant Thornton we are committed to long-term relationships.

Our Public Sector services

We help our clients bring innovation from concept to reality in a safe and measured way. We do this through the use of proven best practice approaches in portfolio, programme and project management. Our public sector team have a variety of experience in leading and delivering an array of projects.

We help organisations get started on their operational excellence journey by providing expert advice and bespoke solutions. Our Public Sector experts have significant experience in designing the highest standard operating systems.

We work as a transformational change partner assisting with stakeholder management and engagement to help Public Sector organisations develop the required working practices and sustain new behaviours. Our team ensures there is a seamless integration of these new practices and behaviours into the organisations business as usual activities.

We deliver clear visions, goals, priorities and plans that incorporate the teams local knowledge, sectoral experience and global perspective to provide our clients with innovative and tangible ideas. We believe these ideas will allow our clients to fulfil their long-term vision for the future.

Why Grant Thornton

Grant Thornton’s highly skilled team of Public Sector consultants have a wealth of experience assisting public sector clients across a broad range of industries. Our team utilises the knowledge they have gained on previous projects to benefit future engagements with similar objectives in related industries. 

Our team is agile, flexible and ready to develop tailor made solutions to align with your needs and address the core challenges facing the delivery of your organisations goals.

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