E-commerce is having a significant effect on the retail landscape. It is no longer the case that retail sales will solely be derived from units set in bricks and mortar.

As the volume of sales taking place on line increases, retailers have had to adapt to survive in today’s world either by creating attractive and efficient websites or by creating “destination stores” where customers come to enjoy the experience on offer.

Our Services

  • Assessing financial performance
  • Preparation of banks finance applications to include new funding and re-negotiation of existing terms
  • Completion of independent business reviews both financial and operational
  • Franchise agreement negotiations
  • Completion of cash flow projections
  • Providing opportunities for future growth through identifying opportunities
  • Succession Planning
Industry leader Damian Gleeson

Head of Retail sector

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Why Grant Thornton?

The Grant Thornton Retail team is made up of professionals who have a background in all aspects of the retail environment. We have an intrinsic knowledge of the issues facing retailers and have worked to help clients adapt and overcome challenges, by being innovative and determined in the pursuit of performance goals.

To learn more about our Retail services, contact Damian Gleeson, Head of Retail sector.