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How to make the most of your Summer Internship

Having completed my internship with Grant Thornton in 2017- I know full well how daunting your first day can be! Below are some of the areas that I feel were important during my internship and really made me feel like I made the most of my summer with Grant Thornton

Getting to know people:

I think it is hugely important to get to know the other interns and the people within your team. During my internship, all the interns got on great! Every Thursday we had a training day in the Academy (very jealous of the 2019 interns getting to spend every Thursday in the new Academy!). Grant Thornton organised different people to come in and talk about different topics. All the talks were a lot of fun, interactive and hands on. I learned a lot from them and it definitely helped in my final year in college. When it came to getting to know the people in my team, it was easy. Everyone I worked with was so friendly and helpful, and really motivated me to learn. I made friends that I’ll keep for life.

Working in different areas:

When I first started, I was nervous that I would be “pigeon holed” (doing the same thing repeatedly) but the internship was nothing like that! I got to work on a variety of different areas like, corporation tax, income tax and VAT to name a few.  From getting to know everyone on my team, I was exposed to different types of work. I was able to take a lot of what I learned and bring it with me into my final year of college.

Attending events:

Over the internship, Grant Thornton arranged three big events for the summer interns. The first was welcoming drinks and networking. This was a great way to get to know the other interns and the people on your team outside of the working environment. The second event was a trip to GoQuest adventure rooms – everyone had a lot of fun and it got very competitive! The third event was a summer BBQ – this was so much fun! Again, this was a great way to get to know people across the different service lines.

If I can give any other advice, it would be to enjoy your time here and make the most of it.

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