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Working during COVID

Aine chats about her time working from home during COVID-19

The last six months have been difficult on a personal level not just for myself but for everyone. However, it has given me the opportunity to discover the benefits of remote working as well as give me a break from my daily commute. Working outside of the office I have gained a considerable amount of experience in regards to virtual communication and it has allowed me to customise my day to a certain extent. It has helped me to maintain focus, productivity and most importantly feel safe.

As restrictions started to lift, we were given the opportunity of returning to the office 2 or 3 days a week. I had been in daily communication virtually but it was still pleasant to see the team again albeit at a distance. The office was suitably kitted-out for our return with the social distancing requirements and in line with the government guidelines and protocols which considerably eased my nerves after 3 months out of the office.

Having experienced working in an office to remote working and now a mixture of the both, I think it is fair to say that balance is best. The collaboration and collective energy of being in the office with your team 2 or 3 days a week is complemented by the uninterrupted focus on the remaining days.