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My experience working through COVID 19

Jacob speaks about his experience working throgh COVID 19.

During my time in Grant Thornton, I have had the opportunity to gain vast experience managing projects in the Healthcare sector amongst others. When COVID first reached the shores of Ireland, we had to change the way that we worked. A recent project required the facilitation of workshops and 1:1 consultation with over 200 stakeholders. Pre-COVID, this wouldn’t have been difficult at all, as people were always happy to visit our client floor in our Grant Thornton offices. It was at this point that we realised not all our clients used the same video conferencing equipment, meaning we needed to first figure out what platforms worked for who, schedule the correct sessions for the correct people and make sure all of our workshop tools were able to interact effectively with each platform.

Apart from technical difficulties, a number of personal hurdles began to appear the more I worked from home. They included the struggle to maintain a routine, constant distractions, working late into the night etc. My manager and I have regular check-ins and I feel I can openly discuss these challenges I face so they don’t become a problem. Although the world seemed to be crazy this year, I have felt genuinely safe and supported by Grant Thornton. I know that I can be completely open about any issues with my manager, who is more than happy to help with any professional and personal challenges that the last few months have brought.