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A Day in the life of a Grant Thornton Grad

When I finished my Accounting and Finance degree at DCU, I had no idea what I wanted to do next. I applied for Grant Thornton’s grad

programme as a family member recommended it and I picked up such good vibes at the pre-interview reception the night before my interview that I knew I wanted to work here.

I’m now two years into my tax traineeship. When I started I thought I’d be working for an assistant manager and that would be as far as I’d go, but I do actually get to work directly with the partners. That’s an opportunity I wouldn’t get somewhere else and It’s just part of a normal day here!

I get to work in different areas of tax, from corporate to personal, so I’m not pigeonholed into one area, which I really like. I usually start my day by checking my emails, going through anything new that’s come in and tackling whatever is at the top of my to-do list. That could be anything from preparing tax returns to joining client meetings and calls to writing letters about upcoming deadlines. It’s really varied—no two days are the same.

Gaining all that hands-on experience means my responsibilities have evolved over the last two years. The longer I’m here, the more opportunities I get because I’m more familiar with the clients. I get to go to client sites and deal directly with them in 

their office environment, which is great because it improves my skill set.


As time goes on, the most rewarding part of the role is getting to work on more complicated cases, which is great for my accounting studies. 

What I’m doing in work comes up in lectures so it helps to have that practical experience.

And it’s not all work all the time. It’s a social environment and there’s a group of trainees that are all quite close. We get lunch together and go out for drinks. Even though Grant Thornton is a large firm, it has a close-knit family feel — you’re not just a number.